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Top 20 High Page Rank Social Bookmarking Website To Increase Visitor For Your Blog

social bookmarking

With my writing hobby return to write about seo backlink. I hope that all are waiting for this type of post. We know here is many of them are seo expert and have a personal website also. But They didn’t get actual visitor because there is a lake of experience in seo. And without SEO website don’t get visitor but today I am going to share some social bookmarking website which will help you to get high quality backlink and huge visitor. With this bookmarking websites you need to submit your blog and you will get visitor and High Page Rank I hope.

Top 20 High Page Rank Social Bookmarking Website To Increase Visitor For Your Blog

http://www.digg.com  8

https://www.delicious.com 8

http://www.reddit.com 8

https://www.stumbleupon.com 8

http://www.diigo.com 8

http://www.facebook.com  9

http://www.connotea.org 8

http://www.folkd.com 7

http://www.multiply.com 7

http://www.dropjack.com 5

http://www.jumptags.com 6

https://slashdot.org 8

http://www.tumblr.com 8

http://www.designfloat.com 6

http://jeqq.com 5

http://www.kwoff.com 6

http://tagza.com 6

http://soforce.com 6

http://www.bizsugar.com 6

http://fwisp.com 5

http://izeby.com 5

Windows 10 Review

Windows 10 Review

Windows 10 is a new version of Windows operating system, a version that is make for Microsoft. Allthough Windows 8.1 improved some features there’s no getting away from that with Windows 8. Microsoft was hugely popular with their most used Windows 7. With this Old version Windows users felt bore and wanted some change in Windows 7. For this reason 2015 Microsoft is pretty different to 2012 Microsoft. The management of the corporation has changed.

Microsoft trusts the future of Windows is as a platform for all users. Like Android operating system, the quality of Windows is in the thousands of companies that design for it and use it in their products.

Windows 10 is not only an operating system for 32 and 64 bit PCs bit also run on the ARM platform for small tablets and smartphones. Windows 10 is going to use their new version of Windows Phone.

Windows 8 Start menu fixed and Microsoft added functionally excellent Start menu in Windows 10. Control Panel has changed with some extra features.

Any kinds of apps will run on PC, on Windows 10 Phones, Windows 10 for loT devices and Xbox as well. Like Windows Older version Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 before it, Windows 10 is a part of the Windows NT family.

Now all Windows users can download Microsoft’s new version of Windows 10 or upgrade to their PC and smartphone.

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How To Outsource Your Web Content?

outsource web content

In this post I will explain how you can outsource your web content, when you should consider doing it and so on. The focus of the post is on outsourcing written content, but in the end we will list some marketplaces that you can use to outsource any kind of content creation, from software coding to audio and video work.

Guest Bloggers and Writers

The first way to outsource some of your writing content is with guest bloggers and writers. This practice was born with blogs, but you can use it on virtually any website. If you have a company website, for example, you could create a section with articles, and inside that section you could have the guest writers.

Using guest bloggers has many benefits. First of all they won’t cost you money, which is an important factor for people who a limited budget. Secondly, they represent a flexible source of content. Some people might decide to have guest articles being published once a month or once a week, while others might run a blog exclusively with the contribution of guest bloggers. This flexibility can also be used in special occasions. If you are going on a holiday where you won’t be able to write, for example, you could let your readers know about it and ask whether or not they are interested in writing guest posts to fill that gap.

The only time when you should be careful with guest bloggers is on the first few months of your site. Those early days are very important because they will set a voice and style for your content. Getting guest bloggers too early in the game might disrupt this objective.

One Pre-Requisite

Maybe one or two of your readers, the ones that are real fans, will be willing to write guest articles for you expecting nothing in return. The vast majority of people, however, will not. This means that while guest bloggers won’t cost you money, they will still require you to give something back.

It must be a win-win situation, in other words. The easiest and most common way to compensate guest bloggers for their work is to give some exposure to their website or product. Here are practical ways that you can use for that purpose:

- adding a link to the guest blogger’s blog on top of the article

- adding a byline, including a small bio of the author at the bottom of the article

- adding a picture of the author to the article

- creating a special page where all the guest bloggers are featured

- creating a section in your sidebar or footer where guest bloggers are featured

- writing a monthly “Thank You” post thanking previous guest bloggers

The exposure that the guest blogger will receive will obviously be proportional to the size of your audience. That is why you might need to wait your site to grow a bit before you can attract interested people.

How to Get Started

The first place that you should consider to find potential guest writers is on your own blog or website. You simply need to write a post mentioning that you are looking for people who would be interested in writing some articles for you. Make sure to explain in the article what kind of content you want, if there are any technical specifications (e.g., post length, originality, republishing rights), and highlight what people will get in return for their contributions.

If you want to get a steady flow of guest blogging applications, you should consider adding a “Write For Us” link on the navigation menu or on the sidebar. Upon clicking there a visitor would be sent to a page that contains the same information what we mentioned above (in fact you could just point that link to your article where you first requested guest bloggers).

If for some reason this method does not work, you will need to look outside your own site. One good idea browse around blogs in your niche and look for the ones that publish guest posts on a regular basis. Once you find them, simply make a list with the guest bloggers, and contact them individually asking whether or not they would also be interested in guest blogging on your own site.

Paid Staff Writers

As we mentioned before, guest bloggers are a valuable source of content for any website. They are not suitable for all situations, though. If your blog or site is new, for example, you will have a hard time convincing people to guest blog for you. Secondly, guest writers are not completely reliable. If you want to have people writing every day for your site, perhaps following some editorial guidelines, then you will need to pay them.

Some of you might be asking yourselves: Do I need paid writers do make a blog or website successful? The answer is “no.” If you blog on on a niche that you are passionate about and you have the time available, you can perfectly write all the content yourself and still make your site grow and become popular over time.

Some people, however, prefer to focus on the business side and outsource the writing part. Moreover, having paid writers allows you to create websites in niches that don’t interest you at all, but that might be profitable and therefore worth the investment.

How to Select Writers

In the last section of this lesson you will find a wide range of websites and marketplaces that you can use to post your job listing. It is very likely that you will receive dozens of applications within a short period of time. How should you go through them to make sure that you will end up with the best writers?

The answer is simple: get them writing. This is by far the best process to select aspiring writers for your website.

First of all you need to mention in your job listing the fact that all applicants should send you an email with their bio and, most importantly, with an article written specifically for your site. This is not a writing sample from something that the writer wrote in the past, but rather a new article that he will write specifically for your site, and that could be published if you consider it to be appropriate. Remember to mention that he will get paid if you decide to publish the article.

This first article will allow you to discard all the writers with poor writing skills or with a style that is not suitable for your site.

Now you will need to send a reply to all the writers that satisfied you, saying that you will publish their articles and pay them for it. Then mention that they should work on a second article and send it to you as soon as possible, again for your evaluation.

Repeat this cycle as many times as you need. After 3 or 4 articles you will be able to tell a) who is the best writer and b) whether or not he would be a reliable writer. You can gauge the second point by taking a look at how fast he was able to turn the articles for you, and on how eager he is to take the writing job permanently.

How Much to Should You Pay?

This is the one million dollar question. How much should you pay your writers? As you’ve probably guessed, there is no right or wrong answer here. It will depend on a vast number of variables.

First of all you need to consider how much money you are already making with your site. Then you need to think about what fraction of your income you are willing to put on the table in order to get more content coming. This number can be as low as 20% if you just want to complement your own content, and as high as 100% if you want the writers to take care of pretty much everything while you just manage the site.

If you are not making any money yet, you need to estimate the potential that the website has. Based on that you can calculate how much you can pay for your writers, on a monthly basis, and how soon you will recover that investment if things go according to the plan.

The second variable that you need to consider is the kind of content that you are looking for. If you want a writer to cover the content of your mini websites, for instance, you won’t need to have really high quality or carefully researches articles. As a result, you could pay as low as $5 per article.

There are writing companies on the Web that charge even less than that, but you should be careful with those. If you end up choosing a cheap one, at least make sure that the articles you will get are original and not copied from other websites. You can easily check that by copying a specific sentence from the article and then searching it using quotation marks on Google.

If you are looking for quality articles to be published on your blog or company website, you will obviously need to pay more. As a rule of thumb, $10 per small article is the minimum that you should expect to pay. For longer, carefully researched and linkbait articles, you should pay a lot more. Most popular blogs and websites pay at least $50 for those, with the price going up to $200 or more in some cases. It might sound expensive, but the right writer will craft content that will attract many backlinks and a lot of traffic to your site, making your investment worth it over time.

Notice that so far we only recommended paying a flat fee per article, because this is usually the simplest and most efficient method. If you want, though, you can also experiment with variable pay rates, which link the payment to the performance of the article (e.g., to the number of page views that it will generate), and with bonuses, which will increment the payment in the case something special happens (e.g., in the case the article gets featured on the front page of Digg or receives a high number of backlinks).

Marketplaces for Web Content

General Purpose Marketplaces

Elance.com: With over 80,000 qualified professionals up for hire, Elance is the largest freelance marketplace on the Web. There you will be able to post a job listing in a wide range of fields, from design and multimedia work to writing and translation services. Creating an account is free, and once your job is live the professionals will start bidding on it.

Guru.com: Guru is the main competitor of Elance, and it works pretty much in the same way. The only difference is that Guru tends to have more job listing in certain fields, and vice-versa. For writing services, however, they are pretty much equivalent, with 20,000 or so registered professionals.

Craigslist.com: If you are looking for a writer in a specific location, Craigslist could be a good alternative. On large cities you will need to pay $25 for the job listing, but you should get a large number of applications in return. On small cities you won’t even need to pay for the job post, so it is worth a try.

Jobs.FreelanceSwitch.com: FreelanceSwitch is a popular online community for freelancers, and it is job board is quite active. Posting a job is free, and they have sections for writing services, design, illustration work and so on.

Specialized Marketplaces

Jobs.Problogger.net: This is the first website that you should check if you are looking to hire a blogger. The insertion costs $50, but your job listing will stay live for 30 days, which guarantees a good response level.

RentACoder.com: If you need to get some technical work or programming done, RentACoder is the probably the best solution. The interface is rustic and confusing for the first time user, but once you get used to it you will be able to navigate around the site. The main advantage of this site is the number of qualified coders that use the site to find new projects to work on.

Voices.com: The go to location if you are looking for voice over talent and artists. The interface is very user friendly, and within minutes of posting your job requirements you will start receiving bids. You can even add a script to your ad and the professionals will provide with you with an audio version of the script, so that you can test their quality and style easily.

Action Points

1.Evaluate whether or not you will need to outsource part of all of your web content.

2.If you only want to outsource part of your content, try to use guest writers in your site. Experiment with it for a couple of months and decide if the results are satisfying.

3.If you know that you will need paid writers, use the marketplaces listed in this lesson to find applicants.

4.Once you have the application emails coming in, us

Link Building Strategy Maximizing The Use Of The Commentluv Plugin

commentluv plugin

I decided to share this link building strategy with you guys so that you too could benefit from it. I am all about helping a fellow blogger out. The Commentluv plugin is an extremely useful tool for building relevant backlinks to a blog. If you take advantage of it, you can make sure that your posts stay indexed and that your blog actually builds real niche authority over the next few months.

Here is how I use it and you can too.

After I have published a new blog post, I will immediately visit the www.commentluv.com to use the search feature. I type in a keyword into the search box that is relevant to my post. The search engine then returns a list of blogs that are relevant to that keyword. These blogs all have the Commentluv plugin installed. If I get a link from a few of those blog posts, I will be instantly generating relevant backlinks to my post.

Remember, people use the Commentluv plugin because they want people to stop by and leave comments. You are going to get a lot more comments approved because these bloggers actually welcome them. You are getting a perfectly anchored link because the Commentluv plugin anchors your post title.

I always read the post and always leave a quality on topic comment. I hate when people try to just leave a freaking spam comment like “nice post”. If you do that on my blog I will delete it. I figure the least you can do for the other blogger is leave them a relevant content that adds value to the post itself. This way they are also far more likely to leave your comment intact and approve it.

I also use my first name to comment with. I know that I am going to get a keyword anchored in the part of the comment where Commentluv does what it was designed to do. So, why go nuts trying to stuff more keywords in there? That is retarded.

If I really like the other blogger’s post, which I often do, I will bookmark it using my Onlywire account. That way his post gets a dozen or so bookmarks. It helps to diversify his link profile too. Then I know that his post is going to get more love from Google. If his post gets more love from Google, then so does my comment once it is approved. You will find that a blog with high PR on its homepage will quickly pass more of that PR to a particular post if that post acquires just a few external links. That is what your bookmarks help to accomplish.

I know you are thinking “but, what if he doesn’t approve your comment; isn’t the juice from those bookmarks wasted?” Yup it is. It doesn’t do me any good unless he approves my comment. Still, it is worth the effort in my opinion. Here is why: You can tell right away when you visit a blog whether or not that person takes his blog seriously. If his blog posts are only 4 sentences and a video or 4 sentences and an image, then it is safe to assume the blog is a splog. I don’t waste my time with these. These blogs pass zero trust.

Sooner or later you will realize that trust is more important than just about anything when it comes to links. I know that a lot of the people who use Commentluv do it so that they get more traffic to their blogs. Many of them will not contribute to the blatant spam community. Doing that is essentially suicide for your blog unless you are marketing something to those spammers.

I look at the Commentluv plugin more as a way for us bloggers who share a common interest to network with each other. We can leave thoughtful comments that add value to each other’s posts. Plus we can also get a little link love back for our contribution. By bookmarking each other’s posts we are spreading even more love around to them and back to us.

Give it a try.

Remember this:

1. Use your first name – not another keyword

2. Leave a detailed thoughtful comment using proper grammar

3. Vote for the post with bookmarks if you think it is worthy

It is that simple and it works.

P.S. If you register your site on the Comluv.com website, every time you leave a comment on a Commentluv enabled website you will be able to select from one of the last ten recent posts that you wrote. That way you can pick from your last ten posts to find the one that is most relevant to the post you are leaving your comment on. That is an extra special benefit if you ask me.

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What Is SEO And Why use SEO?


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the process of getting a website to rank high in search engine results for certain targeted keywords. SEO involves increasing the relevance and trustworthiness of a website so that it ranks highly in the Organic Search Results section of a search engine. No amount of money will get you to the top of Google’s Organic Search Results. You cannot bribe or pay Google to place your website at the top, as Organic Search result ranks are determined purely by computer algorithms.

Why use SEO?

1. Massive Source of Traffic: Top 3 search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing receive over 1 billion searches a day.

2. Good Targeting: SEO allows you to target potential customers who are searching for your products and services.

3. Higher Conversions: since these visitors already have an interest in your product, it is far easier to convert them to paying customers.

4. Infinite ROI: unlike direct advertising, you can potentially get unlimited traffic with SEO – no paying per click or per impression.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

How to Find Blogs With Keywordluv?


Once in a while someone asks how to find blogs with the keywordluv plugin enabled on them. There is a really simple method that you can use. Here it is.

Do an exact keyword search in Google using quotes around it.

Copy and paste the following phrase into Google and then search it. Don’t change anything. Just copy and paste it.

“Enter YourName@”

This is called doing a footprint search. Most sites that use keywordluv share a common footprint. A footprint is anything that certain websites share in common that allows you to easily identify them.

If you look at a blog that has Keywordluv enabled you will see this sentence at the bottom of the page. This site uses KeywordLuv. Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage. That is a footprint.

So, you can use Google to show you a whole bunch of these blogs that use the Keywordluv plugin just by doing a search for a part of that phrase. It works better if you put quotes around it because then Google performs an exact keyword search instead of a broad keyword search.

As you are building links for your niche site empire, you will discover that there are certain types of sites that are easier to get links from. These sites often have footprints that can be used to identify them. If you use this method, you can find these sites quickly which makes your life a whole lot easier.

Even Better – Find Higher PR pages that use Keywordluv

You can take this method up a notch by doing the following.

1) Install the SEOQuake plugin for Firefox if you don’t already have it.

2) Go to the Google homepage and click on search settings in the upper right hand corner. Change the number of results displayed to 100.

3) Go do that search again.

4) Click on the descending arrow next to the little PR sign in your SEOQuake toolbar. That will sort the results according to the highest PageRank pages first. The highest PR pages will be at the top of your list.

I wouldn’t get overly hung up on just chasing the high PR pages. I would recommend that you locate them this way, but then visit the site’s newer pages and get links from there. Sometimes website owners get mad when you try to get a link from an old post. I find it much easier to get links from newer ones. Chances are that if some other deep pages on their website were able to acquire that much PR, then so will these newer pages.

If you find a website that has high pages with higher inner page PR, then that website’s homepage is probably going to have an even higher PR. Pretty much any page on that kind of site is going to be valuable, especially ones that are relevant to your niche.

Another Keywordluv tip

Keep a list of every place that accepts one of your comments. Keep track of the site’s PageRank and any other factors that are important to you. I recommend using an Excel spreadsheet to track them all.

It will take you a couple weeks to build a list of several hundred. But, once you are done, that list is going to save you a tremendous amount of time in the future.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Google will Instant Impact Internet Marketing

internet marketing

Google announced that they are changing the basic interface for how search results are going to be delivered to users. Instead of making searchers type out the entire phrase they are researching, Google is going to start returning search results right away with each letter typed for the phrases that they guess people are actually looking for answers on. The search results could recycle for every letter typed.

I would assume that their thinking is that this will allow people to perform more accurate searches with their first search attempt instead of having to search a second or third time getting more specific with each one.

One would have to assume that this new change in the basic search results delivery will prompt more people to focus on short tail results instead of long tail results. Time will tell how it plays out. This stands to impact internet marketing quite substantially. Here is why:

Internet Marketers are often targeting the less savvy internet users. There is big money in it if you can identify those people and the types of products and services that they buy online. Those people are ones that these long tail buying keyword hunters like myself have been able to profit from. This presents a possible shift in the way that those people are going to act and interact with Google.

Are people going to continue typing out those really long tails? Are people going to perform two or three related searches for each topical research event? OR, are they going to find a close enough answer to what they seek after just typing the first two words of the long tail?

My Take On Google Instant

I believe that once it has been in practice for a few months, it will lead to people getting faster answers to the information they seek in Google. People will learn to harness the new faster results in unique ways. Some people are going to absolutely love it.

I believe this will strengthen the position of well known brands and well known websites. They are the ones who tend to rank better for short tail keywords. The small micro-website owners will probably get a little less organic traffic than they otherwise would without this change.

What about internet marketing?

It will be bad for certain internet marketers and no different for other ones. I think it is going to be very bad for the internet marketers who are making money through certain kinds of arbitrage. I am not talking about the commonly abused Adwords to Adsense arbitrage. I am talking about the internet marketers who find people searching for the wrong keywords and get them to find more relevant information by clicking on advertisements. Some of the so called Made For Adsense (MFA) websites do this quite effectively and quite profitably targeting primarily organic search engine traffic. It will be bad for some of those, which will make Google and searchers happier.

For the cream of the crop traffic in most niches, internet marketers are at the mercy of the search engines. Success is found by getting traffic from them and providing the solution that these people are looking for. Anything that inhibits that ability to get in front of those searchers is going to be bad for marketers.

If the effect is big enough, internet marketers will be forced to adapt in new ways. If it was really bad it is not unreasonable to assume that some internet marketers will focus less on Google and refocus their efforts to target Yahoo and Bing’s organic traffic.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

How I make money online?

online make money

Now a days you will notice a common news that it is possible to earn money from online at home. I am sure you are wondering how I go about earning an income from working at home. Here is a short list of how I do that.

1) I have a handful of websites that provide useful information to people. Those websites have advertising on them. I make money by showing that advertising to visitors. These are called niche websites.

2) I am a blogger. Some of my websites are niche blogs. This one is also kind of a niche blog.

3) I am a freelance writer. People (companies mostly) pay me to write articles for them that they can use to help sell their products. Those articles get published at other websites. I don’t publish them here.

4) I am a freelance writer for a number of public websites and article directories. These article directories sell advertising on my articles. I get a percentage of the revenue. It doesn’t pay a lot, but it is still a little extra income.

This is like the new form of cottage industry in the United States. It is really catching on too. I have come across an awful lot of people who do what I do. If this kind of thing interests you, then I suggest you give it a try.