Sunday, September 27, 2015

Call Voice Changer – IntCall v2.2 apk for Android Free Download

Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer the funniest Android app in the World. If you want to have fun with friends over phone calls, this app will help you to change your original voice to different crazy voices. Change your voice in real time and crazy sound effects the next time you are on the phone with Call Voice Changer- IntCall.

It’s the great Android app for making funny phone calls. You can make your voice high and funny or deep creepy at the touch of a button.

Features of Call Voice Changer- IntCall included:

# Make funny calls: Easily change the pitch of your voice while on the phone.

# Real time effect: Change the sound effect anytime during your call

# Spice up calls: Play fun sound effects like siren, gong, dog bark and many more.

# Free credits: New users may be given some free minutes to test the app in the 2 weeks after installation. You can buy more time form the app or earn fee minutes.

Note: Calls are placed over the internet using VOIP so make sure you have a high speed internet connection before using the app.

Download Link : Download from Here

Monday, September 21, 2015

Why Freelance SEO is Better Compared to a SEO Company?

freelance seo

Are you keenly desire to employ a freelance SEO and not getting the way to find the best one? Do not worry you have come at the right destination, here some points have been mentioned to help you in picking the right service. The first thing you should notice is that your search engine optimization team should have highly experienced and knowledgeable team of expert copywriters; they should be devoted towards gathering your search engine optimization website content necessities. They would allocate their clientele to choose the topics.

At the same time they should also be enabled customers to discover the correct and applicable keyword. If you are looking for a professional to optimize your website for superior rankings in Google search engine or other major search engine service then this is for you. They work with every size of business SEO agencies too to pull websites, generate content and construct the left you require to attain fine for search rankings.

They have an effective grouping of search engine optimization professionals from India, with the exclusive goal of giving the best SEO. They are very much dedicated to their work. They do not deal only as your business project of any individual client but treat it as their own work and family they keep floating to put you on the top 10 search engine ranking list to have a huge knowledge in the search engine optimization industry and it is rousing for them pertain to the actual knowledge in the world.

If you compare Freelance SEO provider with the companies you find that they give the same service in search engine optimization and pay less than companies. There are several people who think that cheap services are not that effective as the costly services, it is true in some way but not always. Information in this world is getting heavier on everyone and if the companies and services like freelance charging little money means they definitely have something special that's why they are dissimilar to others.

They ensure companies to appoint their expert SEO Freelance specialist with no having to disburse for a permanent supply. Appointing as their consultant has many benefits rather than hiring a SEO company based service.

Profits include:

By employing a SEO Freelancer advisor at the place of a company based search engine optimization service, you identify you will not be paying over the chances to cover the company's' expenses like rates, invoices and so on. Freelancers usually work from home or client sites, therefore their expenditure are negligible.

They can be more flexible to design a personalized search engine optimization campaign which is more appropriate to your merchandise or services, rather than following predetermined strategy and methodologies have been embarking which by companies.

A freelancer is fewer probable to fasten you into a characteristically least 12 months contractual period.

They manage to Achieve for their customers. As a result, it is in their interest to make certain customers obtain good rankings, traffic and sales conversions so that maintain the long term relationships.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

I Am A Firm Believer In Helping Other Bloggers Out

help blogger

In the world of blogging, you have got to learn to reciprocate for other people. If you are going to make it, I strongly feel that you have to give back to the community as a whole. I look at it like Karma. The more you give, the more you get back.

You will see on my blog that I am constantly talking about how other bloggers ought to reconsider making sure that their blog comments follow. Using the No Follow tag is one of the least effective ways to combat spam. You are far better off using a spam tool like Akismet.

Making your blog comments follow is one easy way you can give back to those people who are participating actively in the things you are trying to do with your website.

When I visit other people’s blogs and leave comments, I am an active user of the Share This button. If I like your post enough to leave a comment on it, then I probably like it enough to want to share it with the rest of the world. I do this by using the tools at hand. I bookmark it for other people and the search engines to find. That way it gives you a little more publicity for doing a good job. Isn’t this how the net is supposed to operate anyway?

When I read the comments left at someone else’s site and there is a less informed person trying to offer advice to people, I will politely try to correct them so that the information people are getting is more on target. There are a lot of times when you will read something that you know is simply false. In those situations you are helping everyone else out by setting them straight.

If I see someone trying to get a particular post to rank well for a long tail keyword and that person has helped me in some way in the past, I have no problem at all throwing a little link love their way to help them out. If it helps them earn a couple bucks, then great.

You shouldn’t be overly selfish in this particular world. There are far more benefits in being generous with what you do online. As long as you aren’t helping out the hardcore spammers, then it isn’t going to negatively impact you at all. Instead, you end up making friends who are there to help you when you really need it.

Share the love online. There is no reason not to.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Why social media marketing?

social media marketing

When you start your new online business lots of expectations also start along with the establishment. You always want to get success and desire to make your own identity in such a competitive market. Therefore you put your all the effort hard work and of course money as well, without that no business can improve. But think a scenario when you get no success in spite of giving all the possible efforts. There is a solution for you guys use social media marketing which is stand for the SMM as well. It will put you at the top level and make you succeed.

Social media marketing comprises the utilization of the dissimilar sort of media sources to make agree the possible clients and customers about the brilliance of the corporation by the services and the products but there is a one precise purpose that is to create the interaction between the company and the customers. Through an online service an absolute discussion can be happened.

The thought after social media marketing is easy and simple. It works on the rationale of dispersal information quicker by the associations of consumer groups with comparable state of attention. SMM is considered as the most excellent and inspiring move which a fresh mogul can create. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked in present you the tools, dealer and demographic information. You require modifying the connection that is infinitely individual with your clientele.

Make a relevant conversation with your customers and about your services and products by post tweet and know the accurate responses of your possible customers. They will definitely comment if there would be something to say. With the growing popularity of interactive platforms like blogs, video sharing, podcasts etc, it has now become really easier for an online business owner to make his/her web identity linkable and visible in social media searches.

Since is very palpable the majority of the citizens love to talk about themselves, their requirements, discontent or understanding so impound their concentration of your clientele and viewers by keeping them occupied in the discussion associated to your services and products and draw their views, what they consider concerning your service. It would absolutely satisfy you. Respond your customers at the probable time, win their faith or else they would embrace by your brand.

Social media marketing optimization is a dissection of social media that is connected with the internet to get visitor to some persuaded websites there possibly a difference but it is instantly related with the search engine It may be in many ways that it can be associated with viral marketing where the approval of the merchandise is self promoting by the utilize of networking in video and photo sharing websites, social bookmarking.

Once you hire or pick up the social media marketing service. You will experience the rain of its benefits let’s check out what those are:

  • Enlarged visitor traffic footstep in the smallest amount of time frame
  • Simple adaptation and sales tracking
  • Broader objective client reach
  • Attain amplified page views, ad experience throughout rake cluster views
  • Improved brand consciousness in the middle of target customer group
  • Effectual, optimistic and lasting brand organization

Friday, September 18, 2015

How to Set Up a Guest Post Writer on Blogspot Blog?

How to Set Up a Guest Post Writer on Blogspot Blog

Blogspot is commonly and easy blogging platform for blogger. A blogspot blog is a business marketing tool that enables blogger to share useful information about their business with clients, customers and employees. It takes a little time to fill your blog with throughtful, unique, well written content, but if you have no attracting articles blog visitors may stop reading your articles and never come to visit your blog. So there is a tips for you, if you don’t have enough time to write all post yourself, you can enable guest posting on your Blogspot blog. By default no one can post to a blogspot blog if admin not allow or add him as a guest writer. To add your guests to write on your blog, just send an invitation email to your guest writer via Blogger Dashboard.

Step 1:

Login to your Blogger account and go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2:

Click on the “Settings” tab top of the page and Click on “Permissions.”

Step 3:

Click on the “Add Authors” button in the Blog Authors box. Enter the guest writer email address you want to invite for guest posting. You can also invite people from your Gmail contact lists, just Click “Choose from contacts.”

Step 4:

Click on “invite” and an invitation will send to the email addresses you provided.

Step 5:

Message your guest writer to check their email and click on the link from email to accept the invitation. By Clicking the link your guest writer will be added your blogger Dashboard as a author. You can also make your guest writer a admin for your blogspot blog.


Blogspot allows you to add maximum 100 guest posters on your blog. Guest poster can write and edit only their own post but they can’t edit or delete other post or change settings.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Should You Publish An Average Blog Post Or An average Comment?

blog comment
I bet there are a lot of you out there like me. How many times have you been reading another blog where someone says something or does something that really makes you mad? Don’t you immediately want to retaliate in some way shape or form? Don’t you? But, you have learned from experience that it is better to take the high road instead of just being downright mean.

Once in a while you are just in a mood or the timing is just perfect where something that another person says or does really rubs you the wrong way. That happened to me recently which was the inspiration for this blog post. When I get flustered, I like to write about it. Writing is very therapeutic don’t you know.

So you write this nice scathing response to them or you write this long abusing blog post as your way to get back at them. In my case you might write two or three or four of them. But, then you choose not to publish the post or not submit the comment. You don’t want to stoop to that level.

  • How many times have you wanted to strangle another blogger?
  • How many times have you wished that you could just reach through your LCD monitor across the internet and slap someone silly?
  • Where do you suppose this comes from?

Do you suppose it is due to poor communication skills on your ability to interpret what someone else is really trying to say? Is it poor communication skills on the other person’s part for not articulating their point in an easily understood manner? Is it their mannerisms? Is it because that person is incapable of experiencing empathy for the people they are talking about? Is it because people are just plain jerks sometimes? My guess is that it is probably a little of each depending on the circumstances.

So We Take The High Road

We take the high road of not telling them exactly how we really feel about them. We refrain from swearing. Even when this other person chooses to get really personal with us or our friends, we bite our tongues and offer them the other cheek.

Here is how I see it

Things you say on the internet are recorded permanently. It is very hard to take things back once you say them. So you better choose wisely. Still, I think it is perfectly acceptable for someone to have a bad moment and blow up against someone else. It is okay so long as that person see’s the error afterwards and apologizes for it. I certainly am not perfect and I make plenty of dumb mistakes.

But, then there are those people who would never apologize for wrongdoings. There are people out there whose character flaws are so deep that they cannot even see that they are wretched tormented people at their core. I feel sad for those people. How difficult it must be to go through life thinking that they are better than everyone else. They are selfish and self-centered and they don’t even realize it. They will never know what it is like to be really happy in life because all they do is cut everyone else down and proclaim their own superiority. Truly, truly sad.

How popular would someone be if they constantly belittled the work of everyone around them? Imagine them running around saying how inferior everyone else is. Imagine them proclaiming that they were superior to their colleagues and that very few people even approached their supreme intellect.

Should you publish those mean posts and comments to punish people like that?

From time to time it is probably good to give some people a little dose of their own medicine. That is how karma eventually makes its way back around to some people. As long as you don’t do it every time, I suppose you should have a clear conscience.

If you aren’t always like that, then you have nothing to worry about. If you are always like that, then no matter how well you try to hide it, your true character will eventually reveal itself. People will think you are a loser and pity you for it. You can rest assured that a truly mean spirited person who is intentionally trying to instigate something is going to get what is coming to them in one way shape or form.

Whatever you do, don’t link to them. Then the people who engage in that tactic for link baiting purposes win in the end. In fact, if you suspect that they are doing it to get links or generate more interest in what they have to say, then you are better off just ending the conversation entirely.

Here are a few thoughts in the words of Napoleon Hill:

“Boastfulness is generally an admission of an inferiority complex”

“No one is so good that he has no bad in him, and no one so bad that he has no good.”

“If you have more enemies than friends, the odds are 1000 to 1 that you earned them.”

How many times have you chosen not to publish an average blog post or an average comment even when someone deserved

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It Is Challenging To Stay Organized When You Work Out Of Your Home Office

working from home

One of the most challenging things I have faced since I have been working from home has been the ability to stay organized. When you have a million different things going on at one time, it is really easy to let things fall through the cracks and let things pile up. The paperwork on your desk gets bigger by the day. Your email inbox starts getting really big because you haven’t processed everything in there properly. Post it notes start disappearing. You know the drill.

When I start to get unorganized, it feels like there is a weight on my back. This weight never goes away either unless I get things back in order. But, when you do get things back in order, man does it feel good. You feel like a million bucks. You find a new source of untapped energy to pull from. You just want to keep going like the Energizer Bunny.

I can see why employers love highly organized employees. There is no argument to be made about organization. The better organized you are, the more productive you are. You get way more done and it gets done better.

I have a pretty good filing system on my Windows XP computer. I store all my work related material in a folder that is labeled work related. I have shortcuts to that folder on my desktop as well as in the Quick launch toolbar. I also have shortcuts to more specific folders within that Work folder.

I used a similar system to organize my personal files. I have a folder for downloaded programs. I have a folder for WordPress themes and WordPress plugins. Everything is organized according to how I think logically. That makes it far easier for me to find the things I am looking for as fast as possible. There is nothing worse than knowing that you have a file in there somewhere, yet you cannot find it. Man that drives me nuts. With this system, that scenario happens rather infrequently.

I have to say though that if staying organized is the worst problem I am going to have to face while working from home, then I think I will be just fine. Little things like this are worth the tradeoff of not having to deal with rush hour traffic and bad weather. It is so much nicer to be able to walk to my own kitchen to make another cup of coffee and have a healthy snack instead of getting vending machine garbage that I know I would be eating if I worked in a corporate environment. There are no office politics in my home office. The only real bothersome thing is my cat. I can always lock her out of the room. Try to do that to your boss or coworkers.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Does That Blogger Know That You Like Them or Not

Does That Blogger Know That You Like Them or Not

I was inspired to write this post today because I think it is an important lesson to get out to my friends and blog readers. Have you ever had someone do something really nice for you that you just happened to miss? I have had it happen to me numerous times.

This group of friends that I have been getting to know online is pretty darn cool. I have read a lot of interesting, informative and entertaining material that they have published. I have linked out from within blog posts to some of that material on those websites. Some of those people have linked back to my material that they like. (Thank you thank you thank you thank you..hugs hugs hugs)

I am the kind of person who would rather give than receive. I feel better when I am giving of myself. If someone gives back to me after the fact, then it makes my gift all that much sweeter. That tells me that they really did appreciate what I did for them. I am sure you feel the same way about it. It is like giving a friend a Christmas present when they haven’t got you one. Would you rather be on the giving end or the receiving end? I would rather give than receive. If I got a gift without giving one in return, I would feel like I let the other person down. Silly I know, but true nonetheless.

There have been times that people have linked to me and it went unnoticed. If anyone ever links to me, please (please) shoot me an email or a DM on Twitter or something to let me know. I love all you guys. I do not want to miss the opportunity to say thank you and remind you how much I really do appreciate it. This business is all about links. Linking to each other using dofollow links with proper anchor text is one of the single best things we can do for each other. I never want to miss an opportunity to say thank you and to reciprocate in some way shape or form.

A lot of times I will get notified through the trackback on my blog. I also use Google alerts for monitoring my brand name. Still, things will slip through the cracks. I definitely don’t want your generosity to go unnoticed.

I suggest you let your other friends know about it too. Just drop them a little note that says – “Hey chic – just wanted to let you know that someone is talking about you” Then put the URL in there. Make up your own little note.

I don’t expect to be informed every time someone says something nice about me (if that ever actually happens-lol). There are plenty of little conversations that we might have in our small circles about certain people. That is cool. That is good karma. You don’t need to let anyone know about that stuff. But, a link is like receiving a nicely wrapped birthday gift. The least I would want to do is to just say thanks.

You might get one of these notes from me if I link to you. I do not expect anything in return. If I do it, I am doing it because I know that I do not like missing when someone does something nice for me. That is all.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Should You Use No Follow Tags For Comments On Blog?

nofollow comment tag

Nobody likes to have to manually filter out spam from the comments section on their blog. This is why there was such an increased usage of the No Follow tag for blog comments. The thought was that spammers wouldn’t bother abusing the comments if they didn’t get any link juice from them. Plus people also wanted to conserve Google PageRank for their own pages instead of spreading it to the commenter websites. Both of these reasons have essentially been nullified though. Therefore, I recommend you make your blog comments Do Follow. Let me explain myself better.

If you are trying to combat spam on your blog, just making your comments No Follow is not going to accomplish this. You will still get a steady stream of really crappy spam comments. You will get sick and tired of people telling you how great your blog is just so you will approve their comment. Apparently, a lot of these spammers don’t care that it is No Follow or maybe they aren’t smart enough to know how to tell. Some of these spammers use automated bots to do their dirty work. The bots certainly don’t care whether or not your links flow PageRank.

If you really want to combat spam, then I suggest you implement a couple of the very useful tools out there for doing it. For the sake of this article I am going to assume that you use WordPress as a content management system for your blog. WordPress is by far the most popular. Fortunately some really smart people have created plugins for WordPress to assist us in our combat against spam. The most common one is the Akismet plugin. This plugin is exceptionally effective at filtering spam so you don’t have to. You will see your spam reduced by 99% just by using this one tool. I also recommend that you use some kind of CAPTCHA on your site. A CAPTCHA is a little puzzle that has to be solved before you can leave a comment. In my opinion though, the CAPTCHA is optional. Akismet is far superior.

The other primary reason people used the No Follow tag on their blog comments was so that they could save or sculpt their Google PageRank. Some time ago you used to be able to conserve extra PR for your own posts instead of spreading the juice around. Google has altered their PageRank formula to compensate for this now though. Now even No Follow links cause a page to reduce the amount of juice flowing through the Do Follow links on the same page. A No Follow link reduces the PR of a page just as much as a Do Follow link does. Therefore, this entire process of trying to conserve PR has been nullified. You are wasting your time trying to do it. The only way to conserve the PR is to not allow any links at all. You could also add more Do Follow links that point to other pages on your own site kind of like they do on That will also conserve PageRank.

By allowing comments on your blog and keeping them Do Follow, you are going to get more people to take part in your discussions. Some of these people will be there for the primary reason that they want to get a link from your site. So what? As long as they are contributing to the discussion it really shouldn’t matter. They will be helping your site add unique content as well as a freshness boost. Google loves pages that are fresh and pages that have more content. This helps your pages rank for more long tail keywords. Plus, as your website homepage gains Google PR, you can bet that the link builders of the world will start to take notice. You will get ever increasing amounts of traffic and hopefully ever increasing numbers of high quality comments that add to your site value. The extra traffic never hurt anyone either.

Hopefully you are beginning to see why you should allow comments to stay Do Follow. As long as we have effective tools to combat spam, there really is no other good reason for them not to remain Do Follow. To make your comments Do Follow, you can install a free WordPress plugin like SEM-Dofollow.

I also highly recommend the Commentluv plugin as a way to reward the other bloggers who visit your site and leave comments. Every time they leave a comment, they get a link back to their latest post.

I started using both Akismet and Commentluv on my site. So, if you are not a spammer and you want a little link juice, feel free to comment on this post or any other newer post on this site. You can even subscribe to my feed so that you are notified every time I write a new post. Then you can come get your comment juice.

Don’t be afraid to spread the link love. Just make sure you aren’t doing it for spammers.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

6 Types of Link Building in SEO and Way to Get Them

6 Types of Link Building in SEO and Way to Get Them

Link building is the most important part of getting high quality visitors to the website. If your site gets the good quality of genuine visitor and surely you will get the customer more and more. That is why so many webmasters use link building India to rank the website high in the search engine result and they do it because they know that it certainly helps to rank high in the top search engines for the equivalent keywords used for your blogs or websites.

Reciprocal links: In an easy way denotes reciprocal links to the agreement between the two webmasters to give a hyperlink within their own website to each other's site. Usually all these dealings are done in order to offer readers with fast access to linked websites, or to Demonstrate a joint venture flanked by two sites. Reciprocal links can prove beneficial to increase web traffic to your site.

Press release links: Press releases are normally not an immense way to obtain the left, but you can pick up a little that possibly of value. All little bit aid, and keep in mind again this is just a little part of your profile link on the whole.

Article bio links: This can prove to be the excellent method to draw some good authority links by some prestigious websites. They'll value get. Grand content in return for the revelation and link you'll explode the improved the site is, the higher quality content they will need. There's no such thing as a free lunch.

Presell page links: Getting presell pages link takes to consultation on entire new level. Good luck this outsourcing. There are opportunities to pay for presell pages. What to look for: Sites those are not open to marketing departing passionate with it. Go for the happy medium.

Education and .gov Links: There are lots of techniques to persuade. Education and government people to link with you. It must be noted that there is most likely not individual influence on these TLD's, but they usually have more trust score connected with them since they are normally of first-class.

Left Authority: Authority links are on unconditional expectation Necessary for recovering your score at the present time. This is a compulsory for a new website, and Must Be Where You begin your attempts, and for all time be donating some time. Use it, and get the time it gets to get some quality probable, on the left.

Monday, August 31, 2015

How A Writer Can Get More Productivity Out Of A Day?

blogger tips

We only have a limited amount of time in each day. Let’s face it. Life is not getting less complicated either. On the contrary, it keeps getting more and more complicated. We are connected to so many people that we are constantly bombarded with information from every angle. Sometimes there is so much going on in our lives that we simply can’t find the time to get it all done. I have found a method of getting more done that works well for me. I’d like to share that method with you.

I have come to realize that I am definitely at my best about 15 minutes after I first wake up in the morning. My mind is clear and I am in my most creative mindset. At some point later in the day things really start to fade on me.

My work involves a lot of writing. Writing is a creative activity. You have to think about how you want to say something. I have discovered that if I begin writing first thing in the morning, I can create a lot of great work at a really fast pace. Once I discovered this, I realized it was one of those eureka moments.

So, now I get out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and head immediately into my office to begin working. I literally start working in my underwear. This is typically somewhere between 5-6AM. By 8AM I have already accomplished a substantial amount of quality work. I am ahead of schedule for the day. That puts me in a really great mood which tends to influence the rest of the day. Plus, the amount of work I got done in those couple hours is actually equivalent to about half a day’s worth of work during normal hours.

I get into such a zone that I can lose myself in my work. Those couple hours fly by very quickly. In fact there are times that I am on such a roll that I hate to stop working. I just want to keep plugging away because everything is flowing so well. The words just come to me from another place. It is like talking with a friend.

Then somewhere between 8-9AM is when I typically will take a break. That is when I try to get a little workout in, eat breakfast and take a shower. By the time 9:30AM rolls around, I am feeling great knowing how much I have already accomplished. I liken it to what people in the army must feel like after they finish a solid morning physical training routine. I remember the slogan the army used to use “We get more done by 5AM than most people do all day.” I believe them.

It is truly personally satisfying to get an immense amount of work done in a really short period of time. If only I could find a way to get into this zone at other points during the day, I would certainly be able to accomplish super human amounts of work.

Instead of having to stay in my office to work late in order to get something done, I really don’t have to. Instead, I will stay late because I am working on something that I have wanted to work on. I can leave early every day if I want to because my work is completed so early.

Sticking with this schedule has forced me to sacrifice some later evening television. I can honestly say that I don’t miss it though. I realized that feeling like this every day far outweighs staying up till 11PM watching some mindless show on television.

If you are a writer looking for new ways to get more work done during the day, I suggest you try my method out for yourself. You just might find that you are cranking out quality material in less time. That will allow you more free time to do that which you love the most.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shameless Self Promotion

Shameless Self Promotion

That’s right. I am a shameless self promoter and I encourage you to become one too. In my book there is absolutely nothing wrong with promoting your own articles or promoting those of your friends. Granted, I only promote my friends stuff if it is worthy of a mention. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have other people out there looking out for you while you return the favor.

The hardcore Digg users say that you shouldn’t vote for your own articles or nobody will like you. If you are one of those people who insist someone never promotes their own stuff then screw you. I am not going to spend hours surfing Digg and voting for everyone else’s benefit without sticking votes for my own shameless self-promoting articles in there also. If you don’t like it, that is just fine with me. Don’t be my friend. Don’t follow me. Don’t read what I write. Screw you. I don’t like you either.

Whah. Whah. Ficken whah!

I think it is absolutely hilarious that there are people out there who think that the web should be all about fairness and non-commercial information sharing. Whatever you fricken botards. Go live off the grid in the middle of the desert somewhere and drink your re-filtered urine. I eat meat because I like it and I can. I make money online because I like it and I can. I promote whatever I want because I like it and I can. You can’t see me right now but I am holding up my middle finger for you.

I am a practical person. I know that utopia does not exist. I know that the world isn’t fair and neither is life in general. You have to do what you have to do to get by. So, just because you don’t engage in self promotion doesn’t mean that I can’t. It works for me. If you don’t like it you can ignore me just like I ignore two girls kissing in public. I find it very repulsive. But, I just look the other way and get on with my life. I suggest you do the same.